Airport Shuttles: 4 Beautiful Cities That Make The Ride Worthwhile

Traveling, either for business or pleasure, is always an adventure: you need to figure out how to spend your time in the most economical and productive way imaginable. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to actually see the place you’re in — maybe it’s a pit-stop or a transfer location where you’re forced to find your way out of this airport and into another without dallying in the culture of the city. You’re beholden to the route that the airport shuttles make but, as the following four cities prove, that trip doesn’t always have to be boring.

  • Florence: The capital of Italy’s Tuscany region is bursting with history. From the terracotta-tiled buildings to the near-constant access to sculptures and art (even in the streets!), it’s hard to ignore the beauty of the city that birthed the Renaissance. Since flying into Florence Airport can come with high costs, you may find yourself depending on airport to airport shuttle services from the nearby Pisa or Bologna airports.
  • Washington, DC: When it comes to American history, Washington, DC is unparalleled as its 22.8 million visitors last year proves. White columned buildings signal the presence of museums and galleries all over the nation’s capital, in addition to the towering monuments that stand as a testament to the American dream. With three airports in the area, there’s a chance airport to airport shuttle services will be needed!
  • Edinburgh: As the hilly capital of Scotland, this rich old town captures both the solidity of the sandstone buildings and the sprawling expanse of the surrounding greenery at once. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the U.K., even on the gloomiest of Scottish days.
  • Charleston, SC: This colorful Carolinian city is one of America’s crown jewels. On your trip between its two airports, you’ll drive through colorful streets, pass by horse drawn carriages, and witness over 300 years of U.S. history.

We know that it may not be possible to schedule your next business meeting or conference in any of these cities; however, if you do find yourself on the historic streets of Florence or Charleston — and need to take advantage of the airport to airport shuttle service –, be sure to look out the window during your ride.