Where To Go On Your First Trip To Maryland

Traveling to Maryland for the first time can seem overwhelming; after all, this much-beloved destination is rich with history and located near our nation’s capital. For the first-timer, don’t forget to visit these can’t-miss destinations and activities!


Everything Poe

Maryland was home to one of the greatest poets of the 19th century, Edgar Allan Poe. You can still visit his home in Baltimore which has been converted into a museum for history buffs and poets alike. Take a trip to the local cemetery and you can also see his grave.


Countless zoos

Take your pick: Maryland and the DC area have a number of zoos including the Salisbury Zoo, the National Zoological Park, the Maryland Zoo, and the Plumpton Park Zoo. Lions, tigers, and bears are just some of the animals that will make you say, “oh my!”


The national aquarium

The Inner Harbor of Baltimore is also home to one of the best aquariums in the country. The National Aquarium harbors more than 20,000 animals among its 800 species of birds, reptiles, fish, and sharks. In an effort to champion conservation efforts and environmental initiatives, the aquarium also engages with the local community, including schools and educational groups.


A trip to DC

Visiting our nation’s capital is only a short train ride away from your trip to Maryland. Here, you can see the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the National World War II Memorial, and the Smithsonian. If you want to visit the White House even sooner, however, airport shuttle services run from DCA to BWI, IAD to DCA, and vice versa. Don’t miss the BWI airport to Washington DC for a great start to your trip!


Go to the beach

Whether it’s a warm summer day or a brisk winter evening, the beaches in Maryland are a sight to see. The seashore of Assateague Island is only 10 miles away from Ocean City. Here, you can see wild horses and snap a few scenic photos.

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