Hotel Capital Hilton Shuttle

The Hotel Capital Hilton is a historic hotel on 16th street in Washington D.C. Originally the Hotel Statler, it was built in 1940, and has been the location for multiple classic films. Located just North of the White House, this hotel’s central location and high-quality amenities make it the perfect location for your next visit to the capitol. Start your trip to DC with a Hotel Capital Hilton shuttle.

The Hotel Capital Hilton is only 900 m from the Metro Center Station, 1.2 km from Capitol Hilton, and 1.3 km from the International Spy Museum, making it an easy spot for you to make excursions out into the city from.

The hotel itself has all the quality amenities that a Hilton hotel promises, complete with a 24-hour front desk, AC in every room, free and reliable Wi-Fi, and a fitness center and spa. There is also an on-site restaurant and bar — North Gate Grill and The Statler Lounge — and an executive lounge.

Enjoy your stay in D.C., and be sure to stop by the reliable and friendly concierge to plan your stay. Book your transportation to the Hotel Capital Hilton with The Airport Shuttle.


1001 16th Street NW

Washington, DC 20036