3 Ways to Simplify Air Travel for A Stress-Free Journey

Even the most experienced airline travelers admit that taking long flights can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Between figuring out what to pack, managing tickets, and dealing with security, traveling by plane is anything but simple.

While air travel may never be easy, you can take a few simple steps to make it a bit easier. A little bit of advanced planning might even make your airport experience fun.

Wherever your next adventure takes you, prepare like a pro. Here are three tips for making your flight experience simpler than ever:

1. Downsize Packing Lists

Whoever coined the phrase “less is more” definitely had air travel in mind. Too often, vacationers and adventurers try to bring as much as they can carry, stuffing both their carry-on luggage and their checked bags to the brim.

Discover the freedom of bringing as little as possible, instead of as much as possible. Bringing less will save you from sore arms, extra fees, and the frustration of trying to stuff it all back in your suitcase on the way home.

2. Keep Essentials Close

When navigating an airport, you’ll need to pull out your passport, ticket, and other documents on more than one occasion. If you’re like 78% of millennials, you’ll also want to learn something new while traveling, so keep a book or travel guide close at hand. Try bringing a carry on with at least one easy-access pocket for your smaller must-haves. With the right bag, you’ll never hold up the line while digging around for your documentation or toothpaste.

3. Plan Other Airport Transportation In Advance, Too

The struggle of air travel doesn’t always end when you land, especially if you didn’t plan the next leg of your journey in advance. When you book your plane ticket, try to book or at least research other necessary transportation at the same time. If you’re getting a connecting flight at another nearby airport, this step is especially important so you don’t miss your next departure. Consider researching airport to airport shuttles, which can expedite your journey.

Air travel doesn’t have to be a struggle. Use these three tips for a simpler, less-stressful journey. And, if you’re traveling by plane to the Washington DC area, consider using our airport to airport shuttles for an even more comfortable journey!