Have Fun: 3 Ways to Use Airport Shuttles

With 78% of Millenials wanting to learn something new while traveling and half of Baby Boomers reporting that budgeting is a challenge while traveling, airport shuttle services have something to offer for everyone. While many travelers think of shuttle services simply as a service that will take them from one airport to another, there are a lot of other services that are offered. Below is a list of 3 ways you can use an airport shuttle to assist you during your next trip:

Moving From One Airport to Another

This is likely the most obvious service provided by airport shuttles because it is in the name. For example, The Airport Shuttle operated on the East Coast takes passengers on an airport to airport shuttle from the Baltimore airport (BWI) to the Washington D.C. airport (DCA), and back. Most major cities with more than one airport will have services like these to take you across town to another airport. If not, public transportation likely will. Not having to rent a car can be an advantage, especially for those under 25 for whom it is difficult to rent a car.


This option is different depending on your area, but in the Baltimore/DC area, The Airport Shuttle’s website says: “We provide transportation for almost any purpose in almost any vehicle”. Many people who have long layover sit in the airport for hours or simply get a cab to their hotel and stay in. If there is a shuttle offered in your area, look up online what there is to do in the city: museums, historic sites, pro sports teams (If you have time), restaurants, breweries (Or wineries), or any other fun things. Why not experience the city you are in, even for a few hours (Although make sure to set aside time to get through security!), rather than just sitting around? You might find that you enjoy that city and might travel there again in the future. Even smaller cities might surprise you with what they have to offer.

Lodging/Cruise Ports

It never seems to fail that when you get to your destination airport, you have to rush out of the plane, get your bags, and try to get a cab, Uber, or find public transportation to get to your cruise port in time. Even getting to your hotel can seem to take forever when all you want to do is unwind after a long day of traveling. When you get an airport shuttle, you get someone that knows what they are doing. You won’t be on the phone with some amateur car service driver who does not know their way around the airport. An airport shuttle driver will be prompt and know how to get around city traffic to get you where you need to go quickly.

Door to door service

Many airport shuttle services will take you right to your door, or the door of a person you are visiting, and this includes The Airport Shuttle in the Baltimore/DC area. Imagine the relief on your relatives when they will not have to brave the city traffic to come get you. They will be able to give you the proper greeting that they want to, and will also have extra time to prepare for your arrival and will also not have to arrange for a cab to come pick you up (This can also make surprise visits easier). In short, it will make things easier on everybody. Also, if you live near the airport, see if a shuttle service will come get you, as many will. This will save you money on parking, tolls, and any other expenses related to driving and parking at the airport. Also, you will not have to run around the huge parking lot because you forgot where you parked ever again.

There are many other reasons why you should consider using an airport shuttle service during your next trip. They make everything more convenient for everyone involved. Travel is already stressful enough, do not put yourself through the stress of trying to find transportation during the last minute. Call or go online to the appropriate airport shuttle service’s website to schedule for your next trip and save yourself some trouble.