Easy Ways To Save On Your Airfare

airport transportationNowadays, flying can be fairly expensive. Four out of five domestic trips are for leisure purposes, but many families put off vacations due to the cost of air travel alone, especially younger families who might not be able to afford it. However, if you want to take your vacation, you don’t have to let the cost of a plane ticket stop you. Here are a few ways you can cut down on your airport transportation costs so you can afford that vacation.

  1. Book far in advance: The sooner you’re able to book your flight, the better. Generally speaking, prices only increase as you get closer to the travel date, so getting your tickets early can help you save significantly.
  2. Be careful with your searching: Did you know searching online for your plane ticket can actually change the price you see? The more often you look up a flight before buying a ticket, the more the price will be increased based on your search history. However, researching before you buy a ticket is still important, so don’t let this stop you from making an informed purchase. Just be sure to clear your browser before buying your tickets for the best deal.
  3. Look at smaller airports: Less frequented airports are more likely to have lower prices than the major air travel hubs. These airports don’t often see as much traffic, and will use lower prices to draw in travelers. For cheaper airport transportation and a less crowded airport experience, look at smaller airports that are close to your final destination. This should also help to reduce travel stress, since you won’t have to deal with quite the same crowds.
  4. Consider connections: Nonstop flights might be convenient, but they’re often more expensive. Don’t rule out flights with connections as part of your trip. You can even schedule airport to airport shuttle services if you need to make a short hop between airports during your trip to save extra money.

One of the easiest ways to save on air travel is to make any small trips between airports on the ground with airport shuttle services. To schedule your airport to airport transportation, contact The Airport Shuttle Today for shuttles from BWI to DCA, DCA to IAD, and more.