Here Are Common Hassles Of Traveling And How To Fix Them!

Everyone seems to glorify traveling, but those people are usually talking about the destination, not the journey. It’s estimated that U.S. travelers made 457.9 million trips domestically in 2016.

But in reality, the journey hardly ever goes smoothly. Between booking flights, making deadlines, and literally running to catch your plane, most travelers usually experience one or two pitfalls per trip.


Here are some of the more common hassles associated with travel and how to beat them.


Losing your bag

Or anything else for that matter. Travel is difficult when you have to keep track of multiple bags and items and it gets even more difficult if your whole family is going on a trip. Plan for the worst by using carry-on items and keeping important credentials on your person.

Delayed flights

Delayed flights are frustrating if you hate waiting in the airport, but they’re simply maddening if you have a connecting flight you might miss because of bad weather. If you’re traveling during a period of the year with inclement weather, be sure to buy traveler’s insurance and monitor your flights via the appropriate apps. If you’re delayed more than a day, airport shuttles can take you to nearby attractions to pass the time.

Separate flights

And we’re not talking about connecting flights within the same airport. Sometimes, the only way to get to your destination is by relying on two separate airports. Luckily, the DC/Baltimore area is ripe with some of the best airports in the nation, but that doesn’t mean traveling between them is easy.

The best way to avoid this hassle is by booking a great airport shuttle service in advance. A professional airport to airport shuttle will ensure you reach your next flight on time without juggling rates with a taxi driver. Luckily, airport to airport shuttle services make transfers between the major airports in the Baltimore/DC area — whether you’re traveling from BWI to DCA, DCA to IAD, or anything in between, The Airport Shuttle Service is designed with you in mind.


Travel can be a hassle, but with these helpful tips, you’re guaranteed to have a more enjoyable traveling experience. For the best airport to airport shuttle service in the DC/Baltimore area, visit The Airport Shuttle online today.